9-11 Aftermath: An E-mail from the U.S.S. Winston Churchill

“Dear Dad,

We are some place out to ocean, still with little course as to what our next need seems to be. We have spent each day since the assaults backpedaling and forward inside fanciful boxes attracted the sea, standing high-security watches, and attempting to make the best of our chance. Being disengaged as we may be, I don’t think we value the full extent of what is occurring back home, yet we are unquestionably feeling the impacts.

German ship, Lutgenspic, a couple of days after 9-11 assaults

Around two hours prior we got a call from the LUTJENS (D185), a German warship that was moored in front of us on the dock in England. While in port, the CHURCHILL and the LUTJENS got together for a games day/picnic on our fantail, and we made some quite great companions. Presently adrift they brought over asking for to leave us not far behind to state farewell. The Captain advised the group to come topside to wish them goodbye. As they were making their approach, our Conning Officer declared through her binoculars that they were flying an American banner.

As they came considerably nearer, we saw that it was flying at half-pole. They had influenced a sign to show as an afterthought that read, “We To remain By You”. The whole group of the German ship were keeping an eye on the rails, saluting, in their dress blues.

In excess of a couple of us battled to hold our self-control as they remained nearby us for a couple of minutes and we cut our salutes. It was likely the most capable thing I have found in all my years.

The German Navy completed a mind blowing thing for this group. It’s stunning to imagine that lone 50 years prior things were very unique. What’s more, to see the solidarity being exhibited all through the world makes every one of us pleased to be around here doing our activity.

After the ship pulled away the Officer of the Deck swung to me and said “I’m staying Navy.” I’ll compose more as I probably am aware when I’ll be home.

Cherish you all… “

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