Generous Dentist implants $60,000 dental that suprised veteran with heart of gold.

A veteran with an endearing personality has quite recently been given $60,000 worth of dental work – however it would seem that a million bucks.

Larry “Smiley” Kleiman is a U.S. veteran who served two visits in Vietnam. He now volunteers at his nearby fire division as a firefighter and an EMT.

Regardless of not having the cash to manage the cost of dental work, Dr. Michael Tischler of Teeth Tomorrow heard his story and offered to give the veteran a full arrangement of silvery whites for nothing out of pocket.

“They’re surrendering their lives for our flexibility,” Tischler said. “Also, to have a man of his word like this that had two visits in Vietnam, which was a ghastly war… We felt great helping him. What’s more, today feels okay.”

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