Mother marry a stranger she thought was trying to kindnap her kids during blizzard

The tempest of 1978 dumped more than 12 crawls of snow on the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes area of the United States. The breezes were ruthless, and occupants of the influenced territories were encouraged to stay inside.

Shirley Rodgers was one of only a handful couple of who overcame the components. She had recently begun another activity and expected to go to work – so she snatched her two youthful children and made a beeline for the transport stop.

She told WJW: “I have never in my life seen that much snow, and furthermore I don’t recall the breeze consistently blowing that hard in my life.”

They weren’t the only one, however. She saw a man in his auto, and he was sounding his horn at them. Shirley’s first nature felt that he was endeavoring to grab them, and she disclosed to her kids to run.

She included: “I stated, ‘Kenny and Kevin, run! Run!’ So they began running, and I kept running with them. What’s more, we had on such a significant number of layers of garments that we fell into the snowdrifts.”

The man’s name was Barry Rodgers, and he figured out how to persuade the mother to get into his auto with her children to get away from the tempest.

“He persuaded us to get in the auto; he dropped my children off at the babysitter’s, took me to work, and after that, that night, I had no clue how I was going to return home. Also, he was sitting out in the parking garage, sitting tight for me,” she said.

After three years, that game changing experience brought about a wedding.

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