Real-Life ‘The Notebook’ Couple Weds Again After Husband Forgets They’re Married and Re-Proposes

Michael Joyce may have put over the most recent eight years battling with Alzheimer’s, however there is one thing that he will dependably know without a doubt: he adores his better half.

In a story that is reminiscent of the incredible sentiment delineated in The Notebook, 68-year-old Michael as of late proposed to his better half Linda after he overlooked that they had just been hitched for a long time.

As indicated by his significant other, Michael has been battling “a difficult task” with Alzheimer’s since he was analyzed in 2010. In spite of the fact that he battles to recall everyday occasions, Linda says that she was “staggered” when he could recollect his proposition for a whole week in the wake of popping the inquiry.

Linda, who is a 64-year-old Auckland inhabitant, says that he culled up the mettle to approach her for her submit marriage a couple of hours after he had gone to bed for the night sooner a week ago. After rising up out of their room with a confounded look in his eye, Linda asked him what wasn’t right.

“I could see he was endeavoring to ask me something, however he just couldn’t exactly get the words out,” said Linda, as indicated by The Mirror. “Things being what they are, I held his hand and asked him ‘what is it my dear? What are you endeavoring to let me know?’ He took a gander at me with tears in his eyes and with a falter he stated, ‘will you wed me?’

“I thought it was only something or other to do with this Alzheimer’s. Be that as it may, at that point the following morning, he woke up and remembered everything and was so energized for our big day.

“What’s more, upon the arrival of our service, he woke up and said to me ‘the present the day’ and he was so glad. In his mind and in his heart, it was what he needed to do. He needed to get hitched.”

The cheerful couple got hitched for the second time at Hamilton Lake in New Zealand last Saturday.

“We were simply intended to be. We are given to each other everlastingly and I’ll adore him until the finish of time. Love genuinely vanquishes all,” says Linda.

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