Watch Woman’s Tear-jerking Reaction to Hearing Heartfelt Voicemail Play Through Gift Teddy Bear

This teddy bear was bound to do as such significantly more than simply snuggle her new proprietor – she was likewise intended to give a message to Lauren Doyle from past the grave.

The 22-year-old has been lamenting the loss of her 73-year-old grandmother who had as of late passed away two days after Christmas.

As a methods for perking her up, Doyle’s companion Carlita Pounder gave her a blessing from Build-a-Bear workshop.

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In a video that Pounder recorded with her PDA, Doyle can be seen opening a crate and finding a teddy bear dressed all in red – her grandmother’s most loved shading. The toy had likewise been named “Babbylicious”, which was the epithet that Doyle had given to her nana.

At long last, Pounder advised Doyle to crush the bear’s hand.

A cherishing voice message that Doyle’s grandmother had recorded on her telephone a few months beforehand started to play through the teddy bear, and Doyle really wanted to separate in tears.

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